Houston Texas The Latest Victim of the TSA!


Well friends Houston Texas is the newest outpost in the Federal Reserve police state, FEMA Region 6. In a city already swarming with state & local law enforcement agencies Houston has now capitulated to the federal terrorists and allowed the TSA to ride metro buses in an operation they have designated "BusSafe". Maybe a better handle would be BusRape!

Metro began the program BusSafe on Friday, conducting a “sweep” of certain bus routes, bus stops and shelters. The sweep involved 81 officers from Harris County Metropolitan Authority, Houston Police DepartmentTransportation Security Administration and Harris County Pct. 7 Constables. 

Civil libertarians are not thrilled at the prospect of federal officers, usually assigned to screen airline passengers, conducting police work on city buses. Houston lawyer, blogger and Libertarian Party candidate for the Court of Criminal Appeals Mark Bennett noticed that Metro’s BusSafe press release announced that police would engage in “random bag checks,” which could violate the Fourth Amendment. Metro saw Bennett’s tweet and retracted the announcement.

Even more alarming and disappointing is the fact that one of our representitives Congresswomen Shela Jackson Lee apparantly thinks this is a good idea!  Lee held a press conference last week to discuss the details of Houston’s newest initiatives. It is being branded as a program called “BusSafe” and the press release describes it as a necessity for enhancing safety in the city’s public transportation system. Just exactly how they are going about accomplishing that has already attracted its fair share of critics, though.

And if you think you’re safe from this scrutiny by being outside of Houston, think again. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County say the searches starting in Houston are part of a national pilot program. BusSafe, it says, may be introduced in cities from coast-to-coast.



If you are a skeptic or doubt their is something extremely insideous going on just remember this is just the latest outrageous demonstration of the police state that is consuming America. Why do I say insideous? Because now the TSA is unavoidable! Millions of Americans and International travellers have avoided flying but people who ride the bus do so mostly because its their only option. 

Just how many law enforcement agencies do we need, how many of these revenue generators can we afford to pay for, saleries, medical benefits, pensions, all of the fancy new cars like Dodge Chargers. They have the latest and greatest everything. Thanks to federal funds they have more firepower to weild than ever before.

A search of the yellow pages reveals a total of 42 competing law enforcement agencies. And be sure they are ready to relieve you of your money if you do anything wrong. Just in the metro houston area we have a staggering amount of patrol and special officers. Check out the list of law enforcement agencies by CityComplete list of Texas Law Enforcement Agencies including, state, College & university, Airport Police, and counties.

Speaking of Law enforcement officers, the TSA is not even a legal agency. They have no training, just badges and a re-designed uniform. If they encounter a problem at the airport they have to call the police and wait until they arrive. They were originally called "screeners" and in 2008 the agency did a makeover and gave them the title officers, they got a badge, and a official looking blue shirt.  You can see the evolution of the TSA here or visit the TSA web site and check it out for yourself.

I have been an oppenent of the TSA since day one. The constant criminal behavior by these tyrants is just one reason. Another reason is while America struggles in the worst recession in our history and the people need jobs, the TSA has single handedly destroyed the tourism industry. Just ask anybody in Hawai or New York. Not even comunist China gropes their travellers they travel freely like we used to do before the launch of the TSA.